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Sound Masking

Sound masking has become more popular among office spaces. With all the distractions of a work place, sound masking can help your employees stay focused on THEIR work.

Whether work floors, private offices, or conference rooms, sound masking can be configured to stop sensitive information from being over heard. 

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Background music can create a desired atmosphere for retail stores. TLC can provide a quality sound system to give your customers a enjoyable experience. 


Communication is the most important part of doing business. With a quality sound system, meetings and presentations can be more productive for your business.

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Having a paging system is essential for some offices and worksites. Being able to distribute important information is critical for daily operations.

Paging systems can be integrated with existing phone and security systems as well as newly installed.

Below is a list of systems provided.

  • Overhead paging systems

  • Intercom paging system

  • Zone page systems

  • Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

  • Call Buttons & Emergency Notifications

  • Systems that integrate with existing phone & security systems

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